Romancing the Future

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Romancing the Future

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Ride of your life: with wise and insightful Judy Julin!

Romancing the Future introduces a profoundly powerful creator in the form of the adorable Judy Julin, who will teach you how to dare your destiny into being. Julin’s quest to live authentically and successfully in all areas of life provides a remarkable tool for anyone wishing to create their dreams in harmony with spirit.

You cannot help but fall in love with Judy Julin as she bares all the details of her genuinely touching, and often laugh-out-loud-funny adventures from the "madness" of a spontaneous spiritual awakening to Hollywood via a psychiatric ward, marriage, bankruptcy, and divorce to her subsequent emergence as a fearless ‘out of the box’ entrepreneur, who dares to dream of creating a new paradigm business model founded on spiritual principles.

Wise and insightful, Julin tells her story as a student of life with breathtaking honesty to demonstrate how anyone can become a master of creation - no matter what the odds - and reveals the secrets of what she has learned with a real desire to help others achieve their dreams.

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Author: Judy Julin with Gina Mazza Hillier

Publisher: Findhorn Press

Pages: 212, paperback


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